[chamilo-newsletter] Chamilo, a new platform for e-learning

Yannick Warnier ywarnier at chamilo.org
Mon Jan 18 23:06:52 CET 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are contacting you because we know of your interest in e-learning
solutions, and in particular in the Dokeos e-learning software.

An important announcement

Today, an important part of the Dokeos community, 90% of active
developers and a large community of contributors, has decided to leave
the project.
This split aims to protect our own efforts dedicated to the improvement
of education in a free information market and your best interests in
this aspect.

As you might be aware, Dokeos is a trade mark with ownership. We want to
keep our development free of any type of individual control and after
many discussions we found no other option left to achieve this goal than
to start a new open source project, based on the experience and software
we have developed so far.
We want to avoid an imposed channel in which all decisions are taken by
the trade mark holder without participation from the community. This, in
our view, would defeat the purpose of an open-source solution.

Our goals, however, have not changed! We will continue developing high
quality free software that will help education and business all over the
world to improve drastically through the use of a complete, modern and
easy to use web application.
We will do this in a more transparent manner, increasing the
communication and openness efforts towards you: our community.

We will strive to protect your right to benefit from a fully open-source
tool to which you have contributed. In order to do that, we are starting
a new project to continue what we already did very well in the past:
provide you with the easiest and most complete e-learning and
collaboration solution. The new project will be called "Chamilo". 

The Chamilo Association

To avoid falling into the old defects again, we will develop this
solution under the protection of the Chamilo Association, which will
ensure the name remains free to use, that important decisions are taken
as a group of elected people and that for-profit companies can
contribute in a controlled way, with a corresponding retribution.

In order for you, users of Dokeos, to be able to use our solution, we
have made it very easy: Chamilo (which we released today) *is*
what would have been Dokeos if it had benefited from our work. 

This means you will be able to migrate from any previous version of
Dokeos directly to Chamilo, just as you would migrate between
two versions of Dokeos, because we are the ones who used to develop the
Dokeos software, and we have continued doing the same, just not under
the Dokeos commercial trade mark. We wanted to make it easy for you to
continue getting software upgrades by joining us.

Join us today!

We would like you to join us in our crusade, because the success of an
open-source solution is made by its community. This is why the
association will be in charge of improving documentation and
communication campaigns, in order to improve this community drastically
in the next few months. 

On the business side, a few companies have already offered to support
Chamilo, in total trust that we will make it an excellent solution.

The previous project of Dokeos 2.0 will be renamed "Chamilo 2.0" and
will be ready for first trials later this year.

We understand that, at this point, you might be full of questions and
doubts. This is why we have established a list of Questions and Answers
on our website, which you can freely decide to read, and which we hope
will give you a good idea of what we are up to:

If you want to join us, please let us know by registering yourself on
our website and posting in the forum thread:
We will use this info for evangelical purposes (without disclosing your
e-mail address) or to contact you later on with information, tips and
tricks from the great Chamilo community.

This is a one-time mailing, and you will not get any other e-mail from
us unless you want us to keep you updated. To do that, please register
on our website, and we will make sure you get all the latest news!

Hoping we'll see you soon join our community,

The Chamilo Team

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